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Bond of Commitment
Recipients rely on donors who are selected as their match with a lot of hope and desire. So, when you are called for the donation, try and not to restrain yourself as the recipientís trust lies with you. You are amongst the blessed ones who will save someoneís life. Itís a bond of your commitment, support and love. Hence, its a chance you shouldn't let go.
Your commitment in registering as a stem cell donor is the first step in saving a life. Your next step is to contact MDR(I) for filling up the consent form.

  S.L. Raheja/Fortis Hospital
Old Wing, 2nd Floor
Raheja Rugnalaya Marg
Mahim (W), Mumbai 400016
Tel: 022-65152695
Mob: +91-9223586076

Now, you also need to give a small sample of your blood for HLA typing and for other relevant tests for fitness.

Stem Cell Donation
When we find that you are a possible match for a patient anywhere in the world, we will contact you. In the meantime please do inform us if:

  • Your phone number, name or address has changed
  • You have any questions about your health status
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