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 What is MDR(I)?
The MDR(I) is India’s first NGO which maintains computerised database of voluntary, -unrelated stem cell donors and facilitates blood Stem Cell transplants for patients with life-threatening blood diseases. It recruits donors, maintains a Registry of volunteer potential donors and initiates a search for HLA typed stem cell donors for a patient requiring a transplant anywhere across globe.
 Why MDR(I)?
At any time, all over the world, there are about 3,000 patients searching for a donor for a Stem Cell transplant. Less than 30% of those in need of a transplant will find a suitable donor within their family
(siblings have only 1 in 4 chance of matching). The other 70% depend on the capacity of unrelated persons to donate their stem cells. This means that out of two lakh patients, more than 1,40,000 patients are not receiving the best possible treatment, i.e. stem cell transplantation.

If unrelated HLA matched donors become available, transplant can be done easily and this will provide hope of cure in these patients. Realizing this need, several international registries of volunteer Stem cell donors have been set up.

Unfortunately India is lagging behind. We do not have such a functional registry. In order for the Indian registry to provide a reasonable chance of a successful match (to make an unrelated donor transplants possible), MDR(I) has been established to cater to the requirements of our ethnic population across India and abroad.
  • •   Development of a Registry of potential voluntary Stem cell Donors in India.
  • •  To make available HLA matched Donors for Patients requiring potentially curative     Hematopoietic Stemcell Transplantation.
  • •  To encourage, foster and do research in study of HLA types in the Indian ethnic     groups
  • •   Participation in the worldwide voluntary Stem cell Donor program .
  • •   Raising awareness in the general population.
 Mission Statement
To do state of the art research involving centralized and anonymised (to maintain confidentiality) information on the HLA phenotypes of unrelated Stem Cell Donors as well as systematically disseminate this information to the physicians of Patients potentially in need of a Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplant.
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